The Carbon Neutral Printers Ethos

We are passionate about protecting your print operation, but at no cost to the planet. We are passionate about minimising your carbon footprint, but at no cost to performance. We offer a complete green package that includes cutting-edge printers, spare parts and consumables. The result? Your contribution to a greener, cleaner future. We’re in it together—one planet, one people, one home.

“There is still time to save the planet, but humanity has to act now and collectively.”
Sir David Attenborough—World Wildlife Fund’s State of the Planet Address

The Environmental Issues

To optimise sustainability, everyone must take action in the deployment of new technologies such as carbon neutral printers. They outstrip traditional printers in every way:

Energy efficient: No compromise to speed or quality
Reduced emissions/noise levels: Protects the working environment and the planet
Remote monitoring: Consolidates ordering
100% landfill avoidance: Total sustainability
Settable print parameters: Reduces power surges
Comply with European standards: Safety assured

Critically, Carbon Neutral Printers keep your printing operation working to schedule—many manufacturers are phasing out spare parts and consumables for older devices, which can result in printing downtime, lost revenue and disgruntled customers.

It’s essential to ban older devices and their negative environmental impact…

High energy consumption and increased costs

Pollution from high toner emissions

High noise levels from older devices

Lack of standby, sleep or low energy modes

Our Solution: P4TP—Print for the Planet

P4TP is a subscription agreement that gives you advanced carbon neutral technology that is less environmentally damaging than its predecessors. It includes focused eco-processes such as carbon-offset paper, recycling, re-manufacturing and landfill avoidance. All these factors combine to help you achieve optimum carbon neutral print output. Importantly, CNP accreditation ensures you comply with the Government’s legally binding carbon budgets, currently running until 2032, that will introduce yet more green guidelines.

Collection of all cartridges

Provision of new print technology

Carbon credits and carbon capture

Paper and consumables supply

Fixed subscription billing

Woodland Trust investment

Collected Items recycled and remanufactured

Recycling and remanufacturing: our stats

There’s nothing like hard facts to illustrate the imperative to act and embrace Carbon Neutral Printers for all your printing needs…

Traditional printer negatives

High voltage usage causes carbon emissions Just 15% of UK toner cartridges are recycled/remanufactured 85% of cartridges end up in landfill or shipped abroad to electronic-waste dumps Warm up/cool down times use energy with no end result High running costs per page Slow print speeds Can flash false ‘empty cartridge’ warnings Prone to clogging Wet prints Unreliable

Carbon Neutral Printer positives

31kgs 6.0%


186kgs 36.0%


119kgs 22.8%

Recovered Ferrous

187kgs 32.0%

Recovered Corrugated

Case Study

Carbon Neutral Printers gets top marks from sports charity inspire+

Read how Carbon Neutral Printers helps sport and education charity inspire+ reduce its carbon footprint, improve its green credentials as well as reducing costs.

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