Carbon Neutral Printing – Our Ethos



As shareholders in our company, and you in yours, we all have a responsibility for the implementation of professional and correct procedures within our businesses. We look after our staff, we ensure financial conformity and compliance to regulations on all number of matters and we take those responsibilities very seriously – but what about your shareholding in Planet Earth? What do you do to ensure that the planet is as well looked after for us, our children and grandchildren as your business is?

As shareholders we look for a return on our investments – what greater return can you have than the sustainability and protection of the planet that we all call home? No matter your position in life you’re all shareholders in that business…

There are many items in industry that have a price. There are many elements in the day to day running of our businesses that are required to prove their value and we understand that, we are no different – except where the protection of our planet is concerned.

We should not only be interested in saving Planet Earth if it is cheap to do so…

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