Why CNP?


Studies conducted by scientific bodies advise that to avoid a temperature rise of more than 2 degrees by 2050 then we must reduce our carbon emissions by 80% in that same period.

There are many household names who utilise Carbon Credits within their businesses to offset the emissions that their business practices and processes generate. Investors, shareholders and potential suitors all consider your stance and record on the environment when considering any financial commitments and your ability to demonstrate a clear, strategic path to meeting carbon reduction goals and a move to a low carbon business carry enormous value.

There is pressure from a number of angles to demonstrate your commitment to the environment not only from shareholders but also from Central Government through their intention to introduce more stringent guidelines for business conformity to Green matters.  CNP accreditation helps towards this compliance.

Whilst the obvious added benefit to a solid Green working practice is the introduction of vastly more efficient technology with a Greener focus you can also benefit financially through the cost reductions that a combination of practices can introduce – including but not limited to, reduction in supplier numbers, reduction in invoices processed, less resource utilisation for implementation of disposal and collection activities, automated delivery of consumables eliminating user interaction and remote monitoring of technology for maximum device uptime to name just a few.

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